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Who invented the ice cream scoop? More like who perfected it!

Who invented the ice cream scoop?

The Midnight Scoop started out as an obsession - and remains one to this day. Having scooped ice cream for years for his children, the president of the company, aerospace engineer Michael Chou discovered an easier way to scoop hard ice cream. The "aha" moment came when Michael subconsciously realized that in order to protect his wrists due to the sheer amount of ice cream he was scooping for his kids, he was pushing into the ice cream while keeping his wrists straight. Taking this idea and developing countless redesigns and prototypes, the Midnight Scoop was born. The name of the product is a reminder of the many nights spent perfecting the ice cream scoop. "Midnight" would come and go, and Michael would still be working. The end product is a beautiful heirloom-quality ice cream scoop that is...perfect.

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