Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Midnight Scoop different?

Our unique shape allows you to hold the curvature of the handle with your palm. This will allow you to push with your arms and chest (large muscles) into the ice cream instead of using your weak wrist. You get more power and leverage to cut through even the hardest ice cream.


Is the Midnight Scoop safe?

Yes it is! The Natural finish (polished aluminum) has zero chemical coatings added! All natural. It does not get any safer. The other finishes are either anodized or we apply an industrial strength coating. Anodizing is a process that converts the metal surface into an oxide finish. Unlike paint or plating, this process is fully integrated with the metal so it will not chip or peel. For a colored option, this is the best/safest/most durable option out there that we know of. The industrial strength coating is safe per FDA guidelines. But upon abuse, it could chip or wear.


What is the Midnight Scoop made of?

A solid bar of 6061 hot-forged aluminum. Longevity and strength were a necessity. Due to the hot forging process, each and every Midnight Scoop will have minuscule differences. We embrace this as it adds uniqueness to each and every Midnight Scoop!


Are the scoopers dishwasher safe?

The Midnight Scoop should be hand-washed. This will ensure that the scoop will last forever and can be handed down for generations to come.


Why not heat up a spoon? Or use a heated ice cream scoop?

Heated spoons & scoops melt ice cream. The Midnight Scoop will allow you to serve the hardest/coldest ice cream possible!


Have you ever thought of making more colors available?

Yes we have! Email us at to show support for what color you'd like to see! Or, contact us on social media at the top of this page! 




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