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Midnight Scoop Inc. is Doing Amazing Things on Kickstarter!   By Michael Cedar September 11, 2014   South Lyon, MI  Locally owned Midnight Scoop has passed 65% funding on their 30 day Kickstarter campaign that started on September 2nd, 2014. will lead directly to both the Kickstarter campaign and the Midnight Scoop website.   Midnight Scoop is launching an ice cream scoop that will change the way ice cream is scooped forever. Weak wrist muscles and joints have traditionally been used for scooping ice cream. The Midnight Scoop was designed specifically to protect your wrist and allow you to..

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Hello All!  Midnight Scoop is almost ready to open it's doors! A few weeks of messing with format and making sure everything is the way we want it and all the links are working - and now we're here!     If you haven't checked out our "about us" section, please do so now.   Who even knows who invented the ice cream scoop - we're more focused on re-inventing it! There have been heated ice cream scoops, electric ice cream scoops, stainless steel ice cream scoops, antifreeze ice cream scoops, and pretty much any combination of things under the..

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